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    Identify various web services on a server ??

    Can any one tell me if there is an API or something to find the List of web services running on a server from a remote machine. : - i.e - If the IP address of the server is typed in the address bar of IE can the various web services running on that server be dispalyed and accessed. Cheers , GKG
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    Problem transfering Large Files using Web Service

    Hi, I am building an application to tranfer large files (1000MB) to the server using web service. The client is the windows application using I have used DIME in the web service to transfer files. The problem I am facing is that if I try to transfer files above 100MB then I get the...
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    Reading the value from a cell in Excel File

    I shall try this Get back to u soon Cheers GKG
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    To install Crystal Report on Server for web Application

    Hi all, This is the scenario where i am facing problem : After getting the license code and putting in the merge module and then setting up on th e hosting server, stil we r getting 'invalid keycodev2.dll' file not fond error Does any one know the reason for this?? and soln plzzzzzzzzz...
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    Reading the value from a cell in Excel File

    Hi, This is my current issue. In the application i get an excel file,then i need to read all the values in that excel sheet. This i accomplished by using : it wrks fine...but... Now I need to read another excel sheet which has many values.But I dont need all those values.What i need is...
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    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation???

    Complete Hi, This prob is complete and i used the code u mentioned. It wrks GREAT !!!! Thankx a ton Cheers, GKG.
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    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation???

    Complete Hi, This problem has been complete..and i used the code which u have specified. It works Great !!!!! Thankx a ton
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    Crystal Report

    Hi All, This is my problem .... I am generating a report using Crystal reports for windows application. This report displays details of many stores(Shopping Malls). The details to be displayed in the report is stored in a table caleed "Temp". This "Temp" has a column called "Category"...
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    Need a Help on passing values between 2 pages

    Hi Sameera, I do agree with ManicCW... U can hide the values u pass in the querystring by using server.transfer. GKG
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    filter by dropdownlist

    Hi williamLOR, I have few Questions - Is the datagrid in the same page as the dropdownlists??? In that case u need to pass ur record into the datagrid in the selectedindex changed event of the dropdownlist. If the datagrid is in another page then pass the value u chose in the dropdownlist...
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    Problem is paging in datagrid

    Hai everybody, I am facing a problem in my web application. ASP.NET with code behind VB.NET ========================= In a web form, i am populating data in a Data grid. I have a Button Column of commandname "select" and command Type "link". In run time, If i click this button it has to...
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    How to Show Child Forms From though Menu Click Event

    Hi, may b i can help u out with the first part of ur query - the difference between : By using the first one u r declaring the instance(object) of "frmClassification" class as public access. Doing so permits the access of this object anywhere in the class. the second one is...
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    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation???

    Hi, I tried using the directory dialog as u mentioned...but 1 question - How do i read each file and its contents inside the directory ??? Any ideazzzz ?? Gkg
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    Progress Bar Question

    Hi, Thankx kulrom n Paszt...great helping !!!! GKG
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    Reading contents.

    Hi, You have mentioned - "I want the FileName corresponding to the ID selected by the user through the ComboBox, to be opened in a RichTextBox ... " so I wondered if u want to display the selected Filename in the "RichTextBox" then u can display it by using : textbox.text=cboID.selectedvalue...
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    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation???

    Hi yes all the files are in the same folder. I shall try as u sugested n get back. Thankx anyway. GkG
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    Reading contents.

    Hi Rat, Hope this helps... in the code which u have shown try puting this line too...after : cboID.DisplayMember = "ID" CboID.ValueMember = "FileName" then in the selectedindexchanged event of the cboID include this : textbox.text=cboID.selectedvalue Cheers
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    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation???

    "OpenFileDialog" Solution to limitation??? - Resolved Hi all, I am developing a windows application (VB.Net) which uses a "OpenFileDialog". The openfiledialog has a limitaion on the number of files it can allow- which i found to be 549 files.I need to allow more than 600 files at one time in...
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