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    Dotnet Framework Problem

    hi I am having this problem even with Visual Studio 2003. Same System.ArithematicException occurs for me. Can anybody help me solving this problem.Please help me.
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    TAPI in

    How to develop a TAPI application in Is their some tutorials or help around. Please help.
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    Connecting with BRINKSTER SQL Database

    Hi I have developed a program in which will connect to the access database on the BRINKSTER's website ( website provides the user to make their own database on the internet for free and for educational purposes. I have made an MS access database on this...
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    Everything works. only the problem is when i try to run the program by click the Play button in the Environment.
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    hi I have installed 2003. Now whenever i run any project in 2003 i get the Exception As "System.ArithematicException" Can anybody tell me that solution to this problem.
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    Problem With Windows Service

    Hi. I have a windows Service named "Geisyo.sys" used for running my network application. Now i want to write a code in that makes the above service run automatically when computer boots. Remember the file is an *.sys file and not an *.exe file , thats why i am having a problem running...
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    how to shutdown

    you can use the following code to shutdown the PC shell("shutdown -s") it will display a dialogbox and the Pc will shutdown after 30 seconds. Use timer to shutdown PC after 15 mins
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