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    Chinese XP textbox height problem.

    Hi All, I have a problem with an application written using 2003 Several forms, each form has several labels and textboxes arranged vertically. The textboxes are populated by reading lines from an English text file. When deployed onto a Chinese XP PC ( still reading the same English...
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    Deployment - how to force overwriting of existing files?

    Hi All, How do I force the windows installer to always install a particular file? I have a situation where I want to install some text files in certain folders on the target PC. However there is a chance that the user has sometime in the past created one or more of these text files...
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    Localization - temp changing of decimal separator?

    Hi All, Is there a way of temporarily changing the Regional Settings decimal separator from say a comma "," if the user sets Spain for example to a period "."? I have a 3rd party control that is fixed to use a perod. I think I could maybe use double.parse(data1, NumberFormatInfo) to...
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    decimal separator - how to substitute a "," for a "." to allow correct SQL update?

    decimal separator - how to substitute a "," for a "." to allow correct SQL update? Hi All, This is driving me crazy please help!!! My app saves numeric data to an Excel sheet using DAO and the following SQL command. UPDATE [excelsheetname$cell:cell] SET F1 = data When the decimal...
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    Deployment Issue - Excel ISAM Driver msexcl40.dll

    Hi All, I have an application that works ok on my development XP PC with V4.0.8618.0 of the above file but doesn't on another XP PC with V4.0.4331.3 How do I add this newer file to the deployment project of the solution? This file is not automatically added to the Detected Dependencies...
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