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    [ASP.NET][VB.NET]Redirect Page after connexion

    Hi, I have a application When one arrives on the site, as long as one is not connected one is considered anonymous For some page, it is necessary to be connected, for example I want to modify an account, the page checks if the user is not anonymous, and if so, transfer to a page of...
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    [VB.NET][ASP.NET] Get class name/handler name called

    Hello, I developed classes in VB.NET In certain cases, I must register an event in a table of logs, that is to say to specify that such method of such class was well carried out, or on the contrary that it failed For example: Code: Public Class MaClass Public sub doEnregistreInfo()...
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    [VB.NET][ASP.NET] Designer CustomControl Panel

    Hi, I currently develop personalized controls I found while seeking on the Web, how to have the design of my component when I make it slip on a Web form In short so that a textBox resembles a textbox, a label with a label etc For example Code: '''<summary>Classe de gestion des contrôles...
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    [VB.NET] Custom Control And Heritage

    Hello, I develop the controls personalized in, more precisely in I have to develop a textbox, a label, a button, plus some others For each one of them my class inherits the basic class control to create For the TextBox Code: Namespace WebControls '''<summary>Classe de...
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    [VB.NET] Property inherits CollectionBase

    Hi, I develop with VS.NET in VB.NET I create one class which inherits from CollectionBase ------------------------------------ Public Class StringValeur Private _sValeur As String Public Property Valeur() As String Get Return _sValeur End Get...
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