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    Scanning for SQL database on network

    My boss has heard of the ability to "scan" or "search" for all the available SQL database connections or instances on a network using the .NET framework. I've looked online a bit but haven't found anything. Does anyone know if this is possible or could help me with the code? Thanks :)
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    Question Sharing a Database Connection String between Classes in another Library

    I'm not sure if the title is very good, I'll explain. Maybe I'm thinking about this too much, but lately I've been really trying to construct well designed classes and libraries. Anyways, I'm trying to design a library which basically handles all of the communication to a particular database...
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    Question Losing Custom Control Display State when Added to Flow Layout Panel

    When I add this control: To my flow layout panel on my windows form it loses it's form. It displays so weird and I can't figure out for the life of me why it's doing that or how to correct it. We have the same control on another flowlayoutpanel and it doesn't lose it's form at all. I even...
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