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    Hey I want to make a program that will let me pull things like ( usernames + passwords + a little other info ) from a database I can host off the internet. Im not a VB pro but im not too bad… I have never worked with any type of database other then a little bit of SQL. I was told that XML is a...
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    Database Help auto-update deployed db

    Hey! Im made myself a little program that i want to send to a few of my friends. but i want to be able to update usernames and passwords at anytime too add people or remove them. I am wondering if i could do this using an SQL database off my website... or would there be another more efective...
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    store user/pass

    im making a program that needs to hold usernames and passwords that i can edit anytime in a database. my program will be given to people that so i need to be able to add new and delete users and will update on the program to the other people i sent it too. what’s the best way to go about...
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