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    Question Compiler has stopped working - multi-project solution

    I have a solution that has 11 projects in it. After adding the 11th, when I load the project I get the "Microsoft (R) Visual Basic Compiler has stopped working" error n VS 2008. It looks like all the projects load, I see them in the solution explorer. When I remove the 11th project...
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    Question ImageList and Treeview Exception

    I have a treeview and would like to add images to the nodes; however, when I add: bmp, ico, gif or png images to the imagelist and set the TreeView.ImageList property the form loads and then I get an error: NotSupportedException "System.Drawing.Bitmap" The error occurs in the designer when...
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    Question Windows XP 64-bit and VS 2008 SP1

    Does anyone know of any known issue with installing VS 2008 SP1 on Windows XP 64-bit. After installing VS 2008 SP1 I could no longer logon to my machine (via Active Directory) the only way I was able to logon was with the local Administrator account. I installed the same on Vista 64-bit and I...
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    FYI Crystal Reports and MS Access "Logon Failed"

    Err Msg: "Logon failed…" when connecting to Access database in .NET application This is useful when you use the pull method and develop your report against one database (path) and deploy it to a different path (or database name). If you are using the push method (using the SetDataSource...
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    Question Use of One-To-One Table Relationships

    I am trying to put together an argument for creating a one-to-one table relationship. Currently we have a meta data table that we store a status. The status along with other fields belonging to the status (time stamp, user) are the most often updated columns after the record has been created...
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    MaskedTextBox: Mask moves on space or char after clearing.

    I have a derived user control that inherits the MaskedTextBox... If I press the ESC key while the maskedtextbox has focus (in my code causes the .ClearValue method to be called) when I input space or a valid character, the entire mask is moved. For example: if my mask is 00-LLL-000 with the...
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    Setup & Deployment Custom Action (Test for Local Admin)

    To prevent an issue Setup & Deployment installs files to root C:\ I need to build a custom action or something that tests that the user executing the setup is in the local admin. group. If they are not, display a message saying so and stop the setup. I am also leaning on using a different tool...
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    Setup & Deployment installs to root of C:\

    Using the Setup and Deployment feature and it works great! On one of my client's machine the application is installed into the root of C:\ (when it default to C:\Program Files\....) and the files can NOT be deleted b/c the machine is locked down. When I test on another PC in my environment...
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    IDE and Source Control

    Not sure if this has been asked already; but, what about adding "Source Control" to the IDE section? SourceSafe SubVersion SourceOffsite Vault And a host of others are available.
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    Publish WinForms App to Web Site

    I published a winforms application and specified an installation URL and it produces the publish.htm file. When I open publish.htm from the installation URL with IE7, I can install the application. But, I've noticed if the browser is IE6 or FireFox, after clicking install and the setup.exe is...
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    Client: ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name.

    I read a post regarding this same error but in the development environment; howerver, I have the same issue but when my client runs the app. Points of interest: TNSNames is valid Connection string is using correct instance name, user id and password. Can connect via TOAD or SQL+ (same...
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