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    Question Stream microphone over network

    Hi, was looking to build a client (receiver) and a server (sender) app for streaming and receiving microphone on a computer over a network, I was wondering how I would go about doing this and was looking for a bit of general guidance as to where to start reading. I have googled a lot about this...
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    Retrieve data from text file that is contained within headings

    Hi, I am making a simple application that will be able to store competition data into a text file that I have given a custom extension to on saving. Here is an example of the format that i have saved the data in. [Comp_Name]Test Competition[\Comp_Name] [Location]Silverwood...
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    Reading data from excel spreadsheet - cannot open the specified worksheet

    Hi, i have been workin on a project that uses an excel spreadsheet to read data from to get results. In the spreadsheet i have 5 different worksheets, named simply 1 to 5. I need to be able to go to open the workbook, open a specified worksheet and get multiple values from all cells in a...
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    Question Convert string to give textbox name to get contents of textbox

    Hi, there is probably a simple soltion to this, i have been looking for a solid hour now on the internet but cant find how it is done. Here is my problem. I have a form where a number of textboxes are programmatically created within a flowLayoutPanel and named by adding together 2 strings...
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    Question Generate Text boxes programmatically using generated text box names

    Hi, there is probably a really simple answer to this but i cant find one anywhere! i am trying to automatically generate multiple text boxes on a form with the following code Private Sub CreateTB(ByVal x As Integer) Dim y As Integer = 1 Do Until y = x Dim...
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    Question Need guidance/tips on project to automate competition result recording

    Hi, I am relatively new to programming but have done a fair bit of visual basic. I had an idea for a system for a sport which i am involved which involves randomising competitors names into different heats as all competitors cannot go into every heat as there are too many so to make it fair...
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