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    Question Compiler has stopped working - multi-project solution

    Resolved My project contained a reference: <Reference Include="System.Data.DataSetExtensions"> <RequiredTargetFramework>3.5</RequiredTargetFramework> </Reference> I removed it and the project loads
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    Question Compiler has stopped working - multi-project solution

    I have a solution that has 11 projects in it. After adding the 11th, when I load the project I get the "Microsoft (R) Visual Basic Compiler has stopped working" error n VS 2008. It looks like all the projects load, I see them in the solution explorer. When I remove the 11th project...
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    VB ODBC Connection problems

    Error in code Not sure where you are with this, seeing this is a month old... however: ' Declare data reader variable Dim reader As OdbcDataReader = Nothing MsgBox(reader) Your reader is set to nothing and then you try to access it a line after.
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    connect to a remote mysql db?

    Connection strings for MySQL MySQL® Connector/Net/
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    Deployment Issue

    How are you deploying? I've run into this problem and the issue for me was that I was not deploying all the files (dependencies). My recommendation would be to create a setup package (setup & deployment) and this should capture all your dependencies. The other thought that comes to mind, is...
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    FileVersion Information...

    In our auto update application if the file information does not contain a version we use the last date modified.
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    Question CR select range of date?

    Have you tried: CrystalReportViewer1.SelectionFormula = "{BIAYA.TANGGAL}>= CDateTime('" & Tgl_awal.Text & "')" AND BIAYA.TANGGAL}<= CDateTime('" & {Tgl_awal2.Text & "')"
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    Can't Even package ??

    In your code are you using: Oracle.DataAccess.Client (Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET)) If so, then you would need to distrubute to ODP.NET or System.Data.OracleClient Does your client have the Oracle 10g client installed on the pc you are deplying to? I think only managed DLL's...
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    Create a new project. Under "Other Project Types" select Setup and Deployment You have options to create a "Setup Project" and there is also a Setup Wizard (in VS 2008, not sure about 2005).
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    Class Inheritance

    Syntax You could declare as such: Public Class MyClass : Inherits MyBaseClass End Class The idea that I follow for a base class is to put all my standard code and that if something comes up that doesn't follow or needs to be augmented to override it in the inherited class. For example...
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    Problem with launching crystal report 2008 distribution file with VS2008 setup projec

    Installing Crystal Reports during setup in VS2008 You can't execute another MSI while running a MSI. I don't know why Business Objects/SAP did not create a merge module (MSM). But... here is how I got it to work. In you setup project, go Properties > Click on Prerequisites. There you can...
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    Answered 'System.IO.Ports.Parity

    I didn't see the post date until after I posted my response.
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    Namespace Error in Crystal Reports

    Do you have the previous version (prior to making changes)? You can use a Diff viewer to see what changes were made. If you don't have the prior version... I strongly suggest some sort of source control, like SubVersion.
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    Question ImageList and Treeview Exception

    I have a treeview and would like to add images to the nodes; however, when I add: bmp, ico, gif or png images to the imagelist and set the TreeView.ImageList property the form loads and then I get an error: NotSupportedException "System.Drawing.Bitmap" The error occurs in the designer when...
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    Answered 'System.IO.Ports.Parity

    System.IO.Ports.Parity is an Enum rather than a namespace. Are you trying to work with serial ports? If so...I think you are looking for System.IO.SerialPort
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    Question Passing Value from one app to another.

    Serialization? Can you serialize a class in your VB app and pass the path to the serialized file to your C# app via command line and deserialize it. I'm not sure if Serialization is available in CF. Or simply pass the string of the path via a command line?
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    Reading from and writing to csv and txt files

    System.IO Namespace The System.IO namespace Private _TextWriter As StreamWriter _TextWriter = New System.IO.StreamWriter(fileName, True) _TextWriter.WriteLine(data.ToString) _TextWriter.Flush()
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    Serial port input for barcode scanner

    System.IO.Ports You can capture serial port data using the System.IO.Ports namespace. Private WithEvents _Port As SerialPort You'll have to open the port and then there is a "DataRecieved" event that you can capture the data.
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    deploy - windows CE emulator

    WinCE Emulator I have used the URL provided by raju_ulr and following the directions I was able to create a new device in VS and deploy to the emulator with debugging capabilities in the ide.
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    Question Identifying differences in source code

    SourceGear DiffMerge I like this tool for comparing source code:DiffMerge There are other tools if you search google as well. Another popular one: WinMerge
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