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    Data Reader - Only want to display first 20 characters

    Hello All, I have created a table in sql, and want to display a particular row, but only want to display the first 20 characters of it not the full message. How would u do this by using th data reader? This is what i have done: Dim cmd As SqlCommand = SqlConnection1.CreateCommand...
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    Update SP - to show users logged in.

    Hello All, I have created a column called status, to show whether a user is logged in or not. I have created a stored procedure as follows: CREATE Procedure SP_UpdateStatus( @Status bit, @Email varchar(50) ) As Begin Update Schoolmates Set @Status = status Where Email = @Email End Once I...
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    Delete a row in a dynamic table - place help

    hello all, I have created a dynamic table that displays data from a sql table. I have added delete links beside each row. Everytime the delete link is pressed i want it to delete that particular row. I know that you need to have a key field, which i have already created. Here is what i have...
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    WebForm - Send Email Please Help

    Hello All, I have a simple webform that the user fills in, they enter their email and queries. Once they press the submit button, I want to receive an email to my email account. I am using 1.0 framework, and I am using my hosts smtp send email. Here is my code: PrivateSub btnSubmit_Click(ByVal...
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    Who is logged in, please help

    Hello all, I have created a succesful login, that verifies users email and password. Once the user logs in, i want a table displaying all the current users who are logged on using a dynamic table. I have made a start with the table, but i dont know how to display the current users who are...
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    .NET Junior developer questions

    Hello, I have a Junior web developer interview soon, I have never done a verbal/written technical interview before. I am just wondering, if anyone out there kind enough to tell me what possible questions they will ask me on the .NET Questions? I thank you in advance.
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