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    How to attach to already existing processes?

    Howdy, I am currently using VB.NET and wanting to know how you cycle through and/or attach to already open processes. For example, I am familiar with open an excel file and manipulating it from within VB. But what if I want to attach to a file the user already has open? How can I do...
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    A question about how to handle high processor loads.

    Greetings, I currently have a multithreaded application that talks to an embedded controller over an ethernet connection. I have a Tx thread, an Rx thread, a packet receiving thread and a packet creation thread - and of course a main loop thread. Everything works really well and...
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    Problems with slow UI in program.

    Ok, so I am writing an interface to an existing program. This program serves 1 purpose, to display data. It consists of a form, with 96 bitmaps, and 48 textboxes. I initialize the entire form by doing the following: I loop through each bitmap, and create an array of pointers to it...
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    Questions about threaded

    Greetings, I am a rather new developer of threaded programs in Currently my job is having me program a high speed serialized program. One requirement is being able to handle data at a very fast rate, while maintaining accuracy of thread timing. In attempting to use Windows Timers, I...
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