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    Converting an Old VB.NET to 2010 /Decompiling

    Hi everyone, I have written this application way back in 2005 with VB.Net using .net 1.1.4322 I have the windows installer package and the setup file. Since I was learning, I did not backup all the projects files. I only created a deployment version. My goal is really to decompile the...
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    Need help with deploying a VB.NET Project

    Hi, I am having trouble deploying a project. Everything runs fine and it is a matter of deploying it. I have deployed projects before, but those did not involve dependencies (database, music files, etc...). I even used some documentation, but everytime I have deployed it, it does not work...
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    Cool icons for VB.NET

    I am looking for icons files for my VS Studio NET graphics. Can anyone point me to where to download some cool icons for my projects? Thanks, dcasmr
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    Multiple choice learning tool with VB.NET

    Hello, I am looking to build a multiple choice learning tool for some elementary students overseas. Since this is a huge undertaking and that my VB.NET knowledge is limited, I am interested in pointers or help from someone who knows VB.NET very well including the data binding and databases...
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    VB.NET Font related question

    A Label is displaying differently on another PC where the application was installed. When the App runs, the font appears as if it was too big and some instances the last letters of the labels were not printed. What is weird is that it only happens with one PC. On everything else the label...
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    Combobox and first item display at runtime

    I found something trying to get my combobox to display either the first item or any item at run time. Initially, I was using ComboBox.SelectedIndex = 0, but did not like the fact that it was stuck at that value. Trying around, I set the Text property of the Combobox to one of the element in the...
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    VS 2005 FORM Look

    I just installed VS 2005 and noticed the difference with VS 2003, namely the missing dots. Is there any way to use VS 2003 form1 look inside VS 2005? At least with the dots you can use them to align controls. Thanks, dcasmr
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    Adding a traffic signal control to my form

    I want to add a traffic signal type control to my VB.NET form (Green, Yellow, Red). When a particular condition of my program is not met, I will then activate a warning or stop signal. Otherwise, I will display a green light. Any ideas on how to implement such things? Thanks
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