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    how to send a file

    Hi guys, i am looking this sample code and try get some help. I try extend code for upload file .jpg in server. Some can help me in extend code in SUB when...
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    Hi, i have code the Table TCP, but need the PID the connection. Any can help me in Sample code the : AllocateAndGetTcpExTableFromStack This is code the TCPTable : I need Get vale the dwProcessId Thank you. Imports...
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    API Hook - WriteProcessMemory

    Hi, is posible Hook API WriteProcessMemory ?
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    Hi guys, is posible from my VB.Net and know PID the external program in memory, Set in Process.EnterDebugMode ??? I Need Protect PID the Attack Similar Antihook 2.5 function. I Think Debug PID then block the others attack. Any think is posible ?
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    Return process paths

    Hi guys, any know "How return the path the all .exe programs running in memory" ??? I enumerate process but need return name.exe and path the folder where is ejecuted. Is posible using Reflector or similar ? Thank you.
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    WMI and Win32_ProcessStartTrace

    Hi any know how use WMI and ManagementEventWatcher using Win32_ModuleLoadTrace ?? Thank you, i need get all new pocess .exe opens ??
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    Hook Detector Request

    Hi, i try get help the some expert in internet and not get results. Any expert here ? Code Required : Vb.Net Code, C++ Driver, DLL or COM Object for use in VB.Net 2 Events Required : "HookDetected" and "ExeLaunched" 1 Method Required : StartAntiHook(PID) PID = Pid the process to...
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