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    thread runs a method the method checks and verify's a username and password does the thread just automatically stop after the method is complete or do i need to add something at the end of the method to close, stop, or abort the thread so it releases it's memory? or does the thread just stop...
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    changing italics of a font

    lblStatus.Font.Italics = False error - property 'italics' is 'readonly' i laugh at myself, i knew it couldn't be that simple.
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    trim characters off the end of a string

    Using MSDE server I have a table with (productid, description, cost) productid is int description is varchar cost is money but money is adding 2 extra 0's on the end of every entry thats fine for the database but when i view that in a table in a datagrid I want it to trim the extra 2 00's on...
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    doube click row - fill textboxes

    i have a category, vendor, part_no, description, cost, markup textboxes. I enter data into those textboxes and click add add then takes the data from the textboxes and inserts into "inventory" table in a sql server then refreshes the datagrid showing the table "inventory" w/ added row now...
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    button on form 2 effect menu's enable on form 1

    I don't think I'm quite grasping the concept of controlling form 1 from form 2 while both are open. form 1 opens form 2 opens as a show (login form) form 1's menu is disabled til form 2 is verified and closed it's not happening form 1 : Sub Page_Load Dim frmForm2 As New frmForm2...
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    oledb use LIKE instead of = ?

    I finally narrowed a agonizing error down to this one item... sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '" & txtUsername.Text & "'" will not work, but this will... sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username LIKE '" & txtUsername.Text & "'" as you can see the only difference is the = and...
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    executing function on form 1 from form 2

    executing events on form 1 from form 2 Pay close attention to comments please. There are alot of things that would be benificial if I could execute events from satellite forms. Basically this is the real deal I have a datagrid and some labels on form 1. I click a button on form 1 to open form 2...
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