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    LIKE subquery

    Hi, How do i perform like sql subquery in ? i tried ("SELECT petName FROM faculty where petName LIKE %'@teacherN'% ", connection) command.parameter.add("@teacherN",textbox1.text) but it doesn't return anything to me even though it should .. any idea?
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    System.IndexOutOfRangeException Error?

    hi there, sorry this is the third thread I created :( based on the last 2 thread help I managed to store the labels into array and figured out about the date how do I actually extracted all the data from 1 colum out? my select query is to abstract few rows of interger depending on what...
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    loops controls

    say if I have these few labels lbl1 lbl2 lbl3 inside the loop for count from 1 to 3 how do I change the lbl1 and lbl2 and lbl3.text accordingly inside the loop? I tried lbl[i] doesn't work as well. Many help appreciated :D
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    Question regarding date time

    I understand will give me the date how do I get what day is it? Example Tuesday or so for today date? my database has a date value in there, may I know how do I compare the value of along with the value after executing the sql command to extract the data. say I put...
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