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    Question Insert HTML tags around highlighted text?

    How would I place HTML tags around selected text using VB.NET? If this is my selected text "Procedure", How do I go about adding tags to this string? ex: <code>Procedure</code> Thanx, in advance, for any replies to this post. rspercy65
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    Question How to insert ISO 8859-1 characters in a DataGridView?

    Here is a portion of my data... ,*, ,non-breaking space ¡,¡,¡,inverted exclamation mark ¢,¢,¢,cent £,£,£,pound ¤,¤,¤,currency ¥,¥,¥,yen ¦,¦,¦,broken vertical bar §,§,§,section ¨,¨,¨,spacing diaeresis ©,©,©,copyright ª,ª,ª,feminine ordinal indicator «,«,«,angle quotation mark (left)...
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