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    ListView Remove Items

    Solution Well, I kind of figured it out. At least it does what I want it to anyway... 'Check each item in the "todo" list and compare it to the array; 'Add values found both in the array and the list to the "done" list For Each item As ListViewItem In todoListView.Items...
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    ListView Remove Items

    This is driving me nuts! It seems so easy but it's just not working! :mad: I'm using an array to see if the item is found in one listView and if it is, add it to another listView and delete the entry in the first. It works fine except for the deleting part. It works fine in the 1.1...
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    XML Query

    I need to query an XML document with the following structure: <Laubbäume> <LBAUM> <ID>414</ID> <Kronendurchmesser>10</Kronendurchmesser> </LBAUM> </Laubbäume> I want to do something like in SQL: SELECT Kronendurchmesser WHERE ID=414 Thanks!!
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    Problem: XML -> DataSet -> Access Database

    let me rephrase Since it's been several days and no one seems to have an answer to my problem...let me rephrase... I know now why the dataadapter.update command doesn't work. Update only works when changes are present in the dataset (if one were to use the AcceptChanges method before update...
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    Problem: XML -> DataSet -> Access Database

    I have an XML file that I want to use to update my Access database. I'm loading the XML file into a DataSet and then trying to update the database with the Update method of the DataAdapter. Something like this: DataSet.ReadXml(file.xml) DataAdapter.Update(DataSet) But the changes don't...
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    WebPermissions Error

    I know this is a common problem but I just can't find a solution for it. I'm doing this for the first time. I've written 2 programs. The first is a small program that is download from a website and serves no other purpose than to start the 2nd program by loading the remote assembly (a dll). The...
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