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    Question Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes not others

    Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes but not others, want to avoid this. EXAMPLE 1: command Line Arg (WRONG) @rpt=D:Test.rpt,@dsn=Test.dsn,@export=pdf,@destination=D:\AutoRpt\Test.pdf,@@startd=-1,@@endd=0,@@whichclient=Joe Bloggs,@Email=no,@EmailParam=1...
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    Question Export Crystal Report to PDF file - causes CR Params Dialog Popup in CmdLineApp

    Command Line Project: Export crystal report to file in pdf/excel/word format & optionally email it. Command line args incl input parameters for the crystal report. VB6 being converted to using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Creator has since left & I need to fix/edit the application...
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