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    image column in datagrid for windows forms

    how do i add an Image column in the datagrid for windows forms
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    I have a 2 listboxes :- listbox1,listbox2 in a form that is databound I've set the Listbox1 Data Bindings via the following code: listbox1.DataSource = mydatatable listbox1.DisplayMember = column1 listbox1.ValueMember = column2 I have set the selection mode to multipleextended. Now when...
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    how to bind a dynamically created dataset to a crystal report

    I have a blank crystalreports. I am creating a data set dynamically which gets populated runtime. Now how do I bind this to the crystal report(.rpt)
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    mschart series count error

    I am very new to using MSCharts and have to finish the work in 2 days!! hence help required... I am using a Mschart to create a bar graph report. Well i have different types of report that requires ,different no of columns(series) and rows. Every time i call for a different type of...
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