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    Repetitive Code

    How can I prevent writing repetitive code like connecting to the database, quering, inserting data etc. All examples I have found keep repeating the connection string to open the database, which makes your code messy. What I would like is a wrapper or something, to keep all the db functions...
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    Data Access Layer Help

    I'm in the process of creating a large app in and have designed all forms and database (mysql), just need to code everything together. I understand a lot of old VB, but I am finding .net tricky. Anyway, I am in the process of creating a data access layer for mysql, and need some feedback...
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    VS help needed

    Alrite guys, I installed express, and I am loving it!!! I have already put vb to work and have started developing an accounting application for a friend, and have been concentrating on getting the forms right before coding. The program needs report functionality (invoices, dispatch...
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