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    Update panel with IFRAME

    Hi, I have a web page where i have an update panel and inside the update panel i have an IFRAME. i display some buttons into the a page say report.aspx and assign to the src attribute of the IFRAME. The code below <div id = 'contentCen'> <asp:UpdatePanel ID="uPnlChart" runat="server"...
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    HTML printing

    Hi, I have few HTML documents stored in database. The requirement is to read these HTML documents (say as string object) and print the HTML document similar to how the browsers print work. But the requirement is to execute the print silently without any print dialog popping up (like printer...
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    Object in use else where.

    Hi, I am facing this issue for a long time, not able to fix it. I have an emulator that displays exactly what is displayed on a signature pad. This emulator is drawn using pen and brushes on a picture box. I have a main event handler that receives all events from the pad and this event...
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    Automate the fields population on a form.

    HI, The question might sound silly. I have an ASP.NET site which has a login page with two fields Login ID, password and a submit button. I do not own that site and do not have access to its code. I need to automate such that and external application (might be a windows application)...
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    panel's vertical scrollbar

    Hi, How do i increase the vertical scrollbar width of a panel. I have auto scroll property set to true. neither the panel's controls or the forms controls property exposes the scroll bar control. I am using framework 1.1. Thank You
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    Replacing a line in a file

    Hi, I have a file (.dat). The size of the file can grow upto 20 Mb or above. The requirement is to delete the last line in the file and to replace it with a new line. Any suggestions on how i can achieve this? I don't want to copy the entire contents to another file skipping the last line...
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    Visual studio 2008

    Hi, I am creating a smartdevice application using .NET CF 3.5. I have visual studio 2008 professional and visual studio 2005 team suite installed. I am developing a windows mobile 5.0 application and i have installed windows mobile 5.0 SDK. OS is windows XP Visual studio 2005 lists windows...
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    Problems accessing SQL Server

    Hi, I am new to compact edition framework. The question might be too silly, but still ..:D I am developing a Smart device application that fetches data from a table and displays it on the grid. Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet Dim sConnection As String = "Data...
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    Question Problem in System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName

    Hi, I am facing a problem while accesing System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(processName.Trim). I have a datatable which contains the list of process names. I iterate through the table and get the process name and pass it to the GetProcessesByName function. I get an exception...
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    Access denied.

    Hi I have to start a vc++ application from application. I have implemented it and the code snippet is With startInfo .FileName = sPath .Arguments = sCmdParams.Trim .UseShellExecute = True...
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    Screen resolution issue

    Hi I have an application where the user RDP to the server and runs the application. But when the client system resoulution is changed to 800x600 the screen is cut off at the right side with the controls hidden or half visible. It works fine once when the screen is maximized or minimized. I...
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    Serial communication

    How to i get the list of Available COM ports in VS.NET2003, VS.NET2005 supports this. any ideas plz share
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