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    Video tutorial on XML/XSLT editor in VB.NET

    I am comparing the purchase of Standard or Pro edition and I like know what the editor for XML/XSLT looks like and how efficient it is. Does anyone know a video tutorial on the editor of XML/XSLT within the Pro edition of VB.NET 2005? If it is really good then I might consider buying the Pro...
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    How to change image link?

    I have created a masterpage with a contentplaceholder for an image. On my child page, how do I simply just change the link of this image and to a different image on my images folder?
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    Shortcut key for switching view

    Is there a shortcut key for switching between source and design view? I found that is a little tedious that I have to manually click those two buttons everytime I want to switch the view. By the way, this is regarding website design. Help is appreciated.
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    What are the VB.NET 2005 features mean?

    I found this page,, and there are a couple of questions I have. Under the Feature column, what is "User experience"? What is Full compare to Simplified menu options and defautls? Will anyone explain what SQL Server Integration is? What can...
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    Is it possible to create Outlook forms in VB.NET?

    I wonder if it is possible to use VB.NET 2005 Standard to create forms and macros for any of MS Office 2003 suite especially Outlook, Word, and Excel. I could use the Outlook form designer to create but I thought it would be easier if it is possible under VB.Net. For doing what I wanted to do...
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