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    creating form and controls based on user selection

    I have this requirement in my project. I have table which stores the fields of a form. and i have a form which allows the user to select the fields and put it in the predfined regions. Based on these values i want to generate a .VB file and store it on the hardsik on the project folder. The...
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    mdi child

    I wrote this code for opening a mdi child but it is now showing Private Sub ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ListBox1.SelectedIndexChanged frmname = GetItemText(IIf(ListBox1.SelectedIndex < 0, 1, ListBox1.SelectedIndex)) If...
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    opening form dynamically

    I have listbox which is populated with menus. I am able to retreive menu's form name from the list box with the following code. Dim frmName As String = GetItemText(IIf(ListBox1.SelectedIndex < 0, 1, ListBox1.SelectedIndex)) what i am trying to acheive is to open the form based on the name...
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    searching in listview

    I am trying to write a routine fro serching the listview based on the alphbets in a textbox. It should redraw the screen based on the results of the find.
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    creating button class

    i am trying to create button class with ceratin defulat properties. I want to use this button class as an array in my forms. I am getting stuck at creating the class itself.
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    Dear gurus select null APPNTDATE,TO_char(b.TIMESLOT, 'HH24:MI') apttime,null pin,null name,null telephone,null remarks,null appointmento,doccode, comp_code,div_code,0 intappno,0 yearcode from EDDOCTORDYSLOT b where (b.COMP_CODE = ?) AND (b.DIV_CODE = ?) AND (b.DOCCODE = ?) and...
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