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    MS agent

    Does anybody know ne documentations that actually helpful? with this i need to use a agent which is embeddied into my program or ne code i can use i have no idead of wat to do!! i have tried every where!!
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    Plz Help create text file

    I NEED to know how to create a .txt file then open it and write to it plz i can create the file but i need to read and write to it
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    Output help

    hi i am currently tryin to output a timestamp and 'highly' to a file but wat happens is that i only get 1 timestamp in the file n thats it!! only one time vale n no highly i need a list of everytime a check box is click the time and a string Private Sub CheckBox1_CheckedChanged(ByVal...
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    1) you can declare as a field variable 2) you can make it as a static variable inside the button's click event how do i do the above?
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    Sorry to post again but am still havin troubles so can some 1 plz post some code for me!! ok my first problem is that i have form with 2 panels Panel 1 as a number of textboxes which the user has to fil in once they have filled in the textboxes they press the 'next' button which just...
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    hi am quite new to vb and i need a lil help basically i need to refresh a panel in my form everytime a button is pressed and a counter indicating the number of times the button has been pushed i use the following panel.refresh() counter += 1 textbox.text = counter but it only does it...
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