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    Problem in Updating records

    I am using command builder for inserting and updating of records. The records are inserted properly. But when I try to udate the records in the table No column is updated. I am not getting any error or exceptions Can anyone guid me? Should I call GetChanges?
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    Checked List Box checked item display problem

    I am checking the item in the checked list box. There are many items in the check box. If the item checked is at the bottom it should be displayed. i.e The focus should go to the checked item. Item is checekd after it is retrieved from the table. how to solve this problem?:confused:
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    Http Error While Redirecting Url

    Hi all I am not that proficient in ASP.NET. Here I have a problem. I am doing authentication of the login form. Look at my code below. IN the web.config file <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name="login.aspx" loginUrl=".ASPXAUTH"> <credentials passwordFormat="Clear">...
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    Any Project In

    hello all I have the knowledge of ASP.NET 1.1 . I am learning ASP.NET 2.0. But I have not worked on any projct in ASP.NET. Can anyone provide me any code of dummy project done in ASP.NET? Thanks for help in advance
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    Best ASP.NET 2.0 refrence books

    Hi all can anyone suggest me the best ASP.NET 2.0 (FOR VISUAL STUDIO 2005) for refrence which explains from scratch to all advanced concepts and code samples?
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    Best books for Visual basic 2005.NET

    hi all Can anyone suggest the Best refrence books for Visual Basic 2005.NET? Thanks in advance
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    Problem In Sql Expression Field Of Crystal Report

    Hi I have a query in SQL Expressin Field of Crystal Report. Whenever I try to Create a new SQL expression field I get the error "ODBC error:[Microsoft][odbc Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error,in query expression 'select TABLE.'TABLE_ID'. After cicking ok anohter messagebox shows error...
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    New Features of Visual Basic 2005.NET

    You can find valuable information about the new features of Visual Basic 2005 in the link below
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    Transfer of sql 2000 server database

    Is it possible to transfer the database created in sql server 2000 to sql server 2005?
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    What are New Features In Visual Studio.NET 2005?

    What are new features in Visula Studio.NET 2005 & Visulal Basic.NET 2005 from its earlier versions? Can anyone please list me out the fetures?
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    To run visual studio of different version

    Hi all 1)Is it possible to have both Visual Studio.NET 2003 & Visual Studio.NET 2005 together in the machine ? 2) Is it possible have .NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0 together in the machine?.
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    Object Reference not set to an instance of object

    Hi all I am editing the data in the table employee through form 'employee master'. I am getting the error "Object Reference not set to an instance of object" . I am not able to make it out why I am getting this error here although i have initialized the value. I am enlcosing my code below...
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    resx file

    What is the use of .resx file in I know it is XML Resource file.Can anyone provide me more details about this?
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    Difference Between Visual 2005 & Team System

    What is the difference between Visula 2005 & Team System. Or are they same? Can anyone list out the features?
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    Inserting id into databse from other table

    Hi all Here I have a problem in inseting a record into sql database. I have two tables cust & proj. In cust i have declared fields as cid int which is set as primary key & custname as varchar(30). In another table proj i have three fields. i.e. projid(primary key), proj_custid(which...
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    Editing Crystal Report at Runtime

    How can I edit crystal report at runtime? i.e. to edit the values in the report when we actually run the report i.e preview:confused:
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