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    Combo Box not response

    Hi I have this code Dim ComboBox1 As New DataGridViewComboBoxCell ComboBox1.Items.Add("0") ComboBox1.Items.Add("1") DG1(2, 2) = ComboBox1 But when the form running the combo box not response . I don't have the drop down menu with "0" , "1" value . Can you tell me anyone where is the error...
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    Resolved Add a combobox in DataGridView row?

    Hi to everyone.I have a question . Is possible to add a combobox in a row of a DataGridView but not in all rows but by choice? If yes how can i do it? Thank you for your time Regards Kostas
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    Pass a string in a form

    Hi to everyone.I am built a addin aplication for solidworks. I use the for that . I have create a form with a TextBox and in this control i want to pass some information . Here is the code which i use Dim ex As New FEditDox ex.TBEditBoxDepth.Text = "200" The "FEditBox " is a form...
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