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    Monitoring Script

    Hi! Can any one help me in sloving the following problem? I have an application in VB.NET that depends on the structure or layout of a webpage. Now I want to know whether the structure or layout or design of the webpage has been changed or not. To achieve this I want to write a monitoring...
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    Dynamically Login to a WebPage

    Hi! Can anyone help me in solving the following problems in VB.NET? 1. I have a VB.NET form. It contains a button. When I click the button, I want that it will open a webpage whose url is say "" and then search for some data within that page. --- But, the problem is that I have to...
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    Hi I want to make an application in VB.NET and I want this application to work as follows, There will be an array of items on which I want to perform a specific operation (MyTask), with the help of multiple threads. for example say the array is holding 12 items in it, and I want to...
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