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    Rich Text Box for SQL data

    I have a quick question about WinForms text boxes interacting with SQL Data. Is it possible to have rich text inside a text box that displays data from a database? I am talking about the ability to highlight text, change the font to bold, etc. Thank you!
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    Question How to extract fraction from single Text Box

    How would I extract a fraction "3/8" from a single text box so I can convert them back to a decimal?? Thank you so much for any help.
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    Available Small C# SQLite Project that needs to modified and fixed

    Hi, I have a small SQLite Database that is buggy and needs to be fixed and some functions added. It would also be great if someone could translate this project into This is NOT a Corporation or Established Business I am an individual person that is willing to pay a fair amount for a...
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    Question What is wrong here?

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a Lotto Number Generator. My Form has a 3 numeric up down's 2 for the Range "Min & Max" 1 for the Nuber of Numbers that are supposed to be displayed in my TextBox "Mumber" 1 TextBox"tbNumbers" 2 Buttons The first just generates a single Number in the Range. Dim...
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