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    Saving Contents of DataGridView to XML

    I have an xml file from which i create a dataset that then get bound to a datagridview on a windows form. The user is able to edit the data in the various columns. All I wish to do is then "read" the contents of the datagridview on the form and write it to another xml file. However, I have no...
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    how to stop Web App always loading in Mozilla

    Internet explorer is my default browser and i have confirmed this it is also set to check it is the default when loaded i do have mozilla installed on my machine and prefer this for general internet use however when i run my web apps they load in mozilla instead of IE, how can i stop this from...
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    Excel Workbook File Reading

    Hi I need to be able to read an excel document from my aspx page. I have searched around the internet and it seems i need to create an Excel.Application object I have set a reference to the com excel 11 object however i am having no luck as it says Excel.Application is not defined would...
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    SelectedNodeChanged Event Not Fired for TreeView

    I have a .Net 2.0 treeview control on my website. the issue i have is that when a dynamically created treenode has been created and then is clicked.. the page is not posted back and the SelectedNodeChanged event does not get fired. below i have shown my code that created the treenode i...
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    ImageList in TreeView dont Work Properly

    Hi I am creating a treeview dynamically when a node is clicked on I also have assigned a imagesList to the treenode as can be seen in my code, dependent on whether the person is male or female a different images is shown initially everything looks ok, however, if you click on any child node...
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    Help With Datagrid Checkboxes with DataGridBoolColumn

    i am trying to add a checkbox to a datagrid on a windows form the checkbox would allow the user to specify particular records that need to be worked with in the next form to create the checkboxes I added a column to the dataset which obv doesnt contain anything I then created a...
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    Getting Attributes of Dynamically Created Controls on a VB Form

    hi I am using to create a form that has several dynamically created labels the amount of rows for each column may vary on the data basically what i need to do i get the location values for dynamically created labels as i then wish to add another label directly below this however as...
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    Structure Tree Dynamically from XML

    Hi what i wish to do is dynamcially create a heierarchical structure tree for example for a companies employees which is to be read from a XML file the xml file and the contents can be read fine but due to my limited .net knowledge i however have no idea how i should draw this hierarchy on the...
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    Nodes in TreeView Control on Forms

    Hi is there a simple way of getting all the index values for the nodes from the current selected node all the way up to the main parent node root. For example if you are 4 levels down a tree then you can use the below to give you the current nodes index value.. Dim nodeindex As Integer =...
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    Read HTML Page Source to a String

    Hi this might be a fairly basic question but how would i read a .html pages (that is on the users computer) source code into some kind of string variable? thanks in advance
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    HTMLTable Export to Excel

    Hi... would anyone know how i could export a HTMLTable of a 6 columns (HtmlTableCell) and a number of rows (HtmlTableRow) to excel. I have tried creating a comma delimited string of all the values for each row. however other than this long winded way is there another better way to accomplish...
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    WebDav to access Exchange

    hi i have exchange set up on a server with all users of outlook having their inboxes in a edb exchange database file. what I need to do is for a specified user be able to copy all attachments from unread emails for that user to a particular local directory using WebDav. I have experimented...
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    relations between tables

    This is not so much as a question but for some1 that has been using much longer than me to explain what is happening/how to use the code below: ' Establish relations between tables to dataset ds. ' ds.Relations.Add("CustOrd", ds.Tables!Cust.Columns!CustomerID...
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    select from 2 tables with join in a dataset?

    i want to create a dataset to populate a datagrid that is selecting from two ms access tables and then joining them. is this possible? i have read the post below which is similar to what i want to do but it was not very helpful...
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    type is not defined for OleDbConnection, OleDbDataAdapter, OleDbCommand

    I am trying to create an access connection with the code below. however, for OleDbConnection, OleDbDataAdapter, oledbcommand i keep getting "type ..(one of the three above).. is not defined". my form is currently empty with nothing on it, i dont think this can be the cause. my code can be seen...
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