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    DataGrid Question

    No, the datatable isn't binding to a dataset yet! I forgot to say, that I make the DataGrid for a PocketPC and the two "Boolean columns" doesn't show any Checkboxes! Do you know the difference of Boolean columns between the normal Winforms DataGrid and the PocketPc DataGrid? I know, it's the...
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    DataGrid Question for a PDA

    Hi! I'm a newbie in programming a "smart device application" with! How can I add 3 columns to a DataGrid? In the first column should be a TextBox and in the other 2 columns must be checkboxes! I can't find a little sample for my problem! I hope anyone of YOU can send me a sample...
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    DataGrid Question

    Hi guys! I need your help, because I'm a newbie in programming 2003! :) I need a DataGrid with 3 columns, in the first column a TextBox and in the other columns a Checkbox! I don't really understand the example on , because this code...
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