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    Capturing Audio with DirectX 9

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good source code involving audio capture using DirectX 9 and VB.NEt? Or if anyone can give any handy hints, preferably not "don't try it"! :D Thanks Clarkee
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    Access to User Group Info

    Thanks everybody, done and dusted, like I said I used the WindowsPrincipal thingy and it all worked out OK :)
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    Access to User Group Info

    All I'm actually trying to do is disable a "Save" option from the menu within my application, at the moment I am looking into stuff around WindowsPrincipal which is looking pretty positive.
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    Access to User Group Info

    Hi everyone, First post and I will let you know that I'm not the most versed individual when it comes to .Net coding but I am about to ask what I have been told is a complex issue. I am currently writing a piece of code and am wanting to disable certain options according to the Security...
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