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    RichTextBox Data Dissappearing

    RichTextBox Data Disappearing I have a form with a RichTextBox Control. When I run the program as an exe or in debug, the text that I type into the RTB control disappears if I minimize the form and then maximize it or if another form covers it up and then uncovers it. What can I do to keep...
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    How set control colors using RGB values

    How do I set the color of any control if all I know is the red, green, and blue integer rgb values? For example dim red,green,blue as integer red = 100 green = 200 blue = 0 me.backcolor = ???? Thanks
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    Why Red Icons in VS Tools

    Why are these VS 2005 IDE tools panel icons red ?
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    No data exists for the row/column.

    In VB 6 I vaguely recall that there were special methods for database calls for reading NULL values. With ADO.Net is that still the case?
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    String.Format using a variable

    Using the string.format I can type: String.Format("{0,-10}", "Field") Or String.Format("{0,-10}", MyValue) CAN I replace the 10 above with a variable and how?
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    Array Count

    If you had many sheets of paper in front of you and each sheet contained a list of parts and one part could be found in multiple places, how could I get a count of all the parts. I.E. with array: array('orange','banana','orange') I want to get: orange: 2 banana: 1
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    Help Connecting to MS SQL (MSDE) Database

    Asking if someone can give a link for instruction and samples of using VB.Net Express to connect and read a MS SQL (MSDE) Database that is located on a Server. Can I use ADO.Net (Preferred) and if not how to use ODBC? In regards to ODBC, I have already used a Client machine and set up...
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    Running my app with system set large font size

    My main form has a problem with its menu display if the system font size is increased. ie <control-panel> , <display> , <appearance tab>, <font size>. I know that some people like or need the large font size but I will try later. Question: How can I force the font size in my program...
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    Form_Deativate (what called it)

    I need help determining what control called the form_deactivate. Distinquishing between the user (X) closing the form verses the the deactivate getting called by something other. I am hoping that in the following line of code there is a way to get to what I need such as using the 'sender'...
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    Why get 6 print jobs for each 6 pages

    I'm printing 6 pages and for each page that I print I get 6 print jobs. There is nothing terrible about that except that I'm printing to a psuedo printer that turns output into a PDF file. ( So now my problem is that instead of getting 1 PDF file that I got with VB6, I...
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    Printer - many controls to one page

    I need to print on one page the text that resides in several panels.... But all of the printer examples I've found show printing text from only one control such as the Richtextbox below. 'For example when printing, we can do it something like this: 'The sub belows is the menu option to...
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    My VB6 Picturebox is now a Panel in Net ??

    -----In VB6 my program printed text on a picturebox. ------ Now after converting with the wizard, the picturebox is now a panel. Can I use the GDI+ to print text on a 'panel'? It seems like the GDI+ only allows printing of the text/graphics on the form itself. I need to group the text...
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    Create a shortcut at run time

    I'm trying to get my VB.Net program to create one shortcut on the desktop not during install but while running. I found this code at site: Imports IWshRuntimeLibrary Private Function CreateShortCut(ByVal shortcutName As String, ByVal...
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    Framework load on drive D:

    Net Framework 1.1 apparently can't be installed where you choose to. Can Framework 2.0 be installed where you choose to? For example if a user is low on free space on their drive C, can they load it to drive D:? This is an issue with people using old and rusty stuff. They blinked and...
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    Slight Problem with IDE

    Visual Studio IDE Bug: Visual Studio 2005 Pro Ver 2.0.50727 When adding a Setup to an existing Project, after you get the 'Setupx' to show in the solution explorer, right clicking on the 'setupx' and showing properties, shows a panel containing the following: ( I will call it ****panel****...
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    Good Information for Beginners - Assemblies

    Just a link to what I think is a good article for Beginners in VB.Net about: Assemblies in .NET: What they are and how to manage them.
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    Publish just gives me an XML page

    Why is it that when I publish my VB.Net project to my web site so that my users can load my program on their PC's , by going to my web site, [site]/publish.htm and I test by clicking in the 'launch' link and It just takes me to an page that shows XML?
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    Download .Net Framework - how

    If I send my users to to download .net framework, it shows stuff for .Net 3.0 I thought 2.0 was the latest And if I click on the link at the right side that says: 'Get the Framework' I then need to know if I want the : x.86 x.64 IA64...
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    Getting index of button clicked

    I've converted an app from VB6 to Express and I'm having trouble getting the the array index of the dynamically created buttons when the user clicks the button. In other words in VB6 in order to dynamically create buttons on the fly you would first create an array of buttons in the...
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    Can't print colors - and using help

    I have installed a PrintPreview and Print Button on my Windows Form project. Since I'm printing the data contained in a RichTextBox, the prieview and the actual printing does not show colored text or different sized fonts - all the text is the same color and font even though the RTB has...
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