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    SQLexception varchar to int

    Correct SQL statement Change this line: DBCmd = New Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand("DELETE FROM family WHERE firstname = '" & TextBox2.Text & "' AND ID = '(ListBox1.SelectedValue.ToString)'", DBConn) To DBCmd = New Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand("DELETE FROM family WHERE firstname = '" &...
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    'collation conflict' Error message

    Go to You will find solution. It is very well explained.
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    how to call the sql server function in .net

    Try this; In SQLCommand initiation pass following Or similar SQL statement. SELECT DBO.YOUR_FUNCTION(PARAMETER1, PARAMETER2) AS 'SOME_COLUMN_NAME'
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    SQL Agent Jobs

    View 'Management' of Enterprise Manager. On selecting 'Jobs', look under Status column in right side pan.This shows current status of any scheduled job.
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    datetime to database problems

    Try using T-SQL 'CONVERT' functions. 'CONVERT' function has three arguments. First argument specifies varchar(10) data type for returned value. Second argument is field/value to operated. Last argument defines 'MM/DD/YYYY' date formatting for returned value. Your sql is re-written...
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    Returning Very Large Datasets?

    Neal, How frequently the large data will be pulled in winform application. Thanks, Shirish Kokate
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    Dynamic Web Reference

    Radhakrishnan, Dynamically adding/changing web reference is bit complex. See this article I hope this will help solve your problem.
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    Multidimensional Arrays in WebService

    Rohit, How may dimensions? Also, write web service code behind language.
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    Returning Very Large Datasets?

    Large data communication over Network or internet or intranet has been issue in most of the organizations. Some big organizations regularly improve their network infrastructure but not all of businesses willing to do so. Whereas more efforts on improving internet speed is seen common and...
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