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    VB.NET: Difference between networkstream and socket

    Does anyone know the difference between networkstream and socket.... When you know you must use which one to do a connection and the limitation between them... Can i use both together... Thanks
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    VB.NET: Why cannot copy to temporary directory

    I don't know why sometimes when you code for a long period of time, there will be a error that say you file cannot be copy to temporary file.....proj.exe error... and the whole application cannot run or compile.. the only solution is to copy to another folder and compile it again.. but the...
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    VB.NET:Extract Xml attribute related to symbol

    Say i have these Xml tag... <book title=”Harry Porter page="1_9”> <new id=”100”>China News</new> <new id=”101”>Street paper</new> <new id=”0”>none</it> ……. <new>….</new> </book> how do i exactly extract the 1 and 10 separately from "1_9" Now i am using substring to extract 1 and 9...
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    VB.NET: Checking Email Address and Handphone number

    I have 3 questions regarding checking handphone and email address 1) Say i enter to the textbox, how to check whether it is a valid email address when i click on a button to send... 2) Same situation as the above, how to check whether the the user key in the...
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    VB.NET: Linking Elements and Attributes

    Say i have this XML tag... <book section=”newspaper”> <new id=”100”>China News</new> <new id=”101”>Street paper</new> <new id=”0”>none</it> ……. <new>….</new> </book> I extract the element "China News" and "Street paper" and populate to the combobox.... Now if i select the "China News"...
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    VB.NET: Extract day, month or year from the Listbox

    Say i have these dates: 12-2-05......can 12-12-05....can 12-13-05....cannot 12-22-05....cannot Refer to the above dates, why the below XML tag could not work well with days above "12"... when i send to server.. I could only send 1,2,3,4,5,....up to 12 only. "<" & "Date" & " " & "day=" & """"...
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    VB.NET: Simple XML problem

    Say i have these XML tag: <Books country = "USA" date= "21/1/2005"> <Title section ="1"> <Reference web = "" topic = "1"> </Title> <Title section ="1"> <Reference web = "" topic = "2"> </Title> <Title section ="2"> <Reference web =...
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    VB.NET: Problem with too large XML data

    Say when i click on "A" button, my program will receive the large XML data for "A" from the server... 1) However, i will only receive one section of data.... 2) Then when i continue to click on "B" button, it will not receive "B" data instead it will continue to receive the rest of "A"...
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    VB.NET: Another difficult XML problem

    Say i have these Xml tag <Books> <Title section ="1"> <Reference web = "" topic = "1"> </Title> <Title section ="1"> <Reference web = "" topic = "2"> </Title> <Title section ="2"> <Reference web = "" topic = "3"> </Title>...
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    VB.NET: Hiding ID using XML

    Say i have these Xml tag: <place eat=”food centre”> <set id=”123”> <country state=”ABC”/> <location>north</location> </set> <set> … </set> </place> Does anyone know to extract the ID attributes and use other numbers or words to represent that ID into the combobox.... and when...
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    VB.NET: Extract element and attribute using ChildNode method

    Say I have these Xml tag: <hi help=”example”> <how> <to>do</to> <or> <give suggestion=”on” doing=”it”/> </or> <thank>bye</thank> </how> <how> … </how> </hi> I want to use the childNode method to do for example: Dim xdoc As XmlDocument Dim nodelist As XmlNodeList Dim node As...
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    VB.NET: Create and Apply Basic Classes

    Does anyone know how to create classes and apply it without occur any error correctly... I find that most of my coding is inside the forms and i am not using any classes at the monent... thus i find it quite hard if i need to change the coding......i would search all the forms just for the...
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    VB.NET: Adding Items to ComboBox from previous form

    Say i have Form1 with comboBox1 and Form2 with comboBox2.. When i click on Form1 button, Form2 will appear on top of Form1... My Code: ' Form1 button Private Sub btnOne_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnOne.Click Dim form2 As New Form2...
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    VB.NET: Trigger Event inside Listbox

    Does anyone know how to trigger the event inside the listbox when i double click on it.... Say when i double click on one of the items, it will bring me to another form... Thanks
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    VB.NET: Checking the status for connection

    Say i make a connection to the server... however, the other side of the server somehow disconnect form my client side.. How do i check if the connection is still on or off.. Thanks
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    VB.NET: Option Strict ON conversion

    I heard that working on codes with Option Strict ON give me a better way to learn programming.... Say I have turn the Option Strict ON.... all the coding works well when the option Strict is OFF..... 1) How to convert the error "String to Integer" in this case Dim data As String For Each nod...
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    VB.NET: Using String to compare with the Combo Box

    Hi... Say i have this string call "data" in Form1, this string contains number "5" value.... how do i pass this string to the Form2 and compare with the combo box items... The combo box DropDownStyle is set to DropDownList... which means when i pass, the SelectedIndex must be subtract or...
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    VB.NET: Get the Attribute and Text out from Xml

    Say I have this Xml taken as an example: <Settings> <Connection> <UserID>sa</UserID> <DataSource>Server</DataSource> <InitialCatalog>Database</InitialCatalog> </Connection> </Settings> To get the Xml text is: Dim m_xmld As XmlDocument Dim m_nodelist As XmlNodeList Dim m_node As...
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    VB.NET: Select All Ids from Xml

    Say I have this Xml.... <Books> <Book> <Title ID ="1"> <Author>Hello</Author> <Reference web = "" topic = "In thing"> </Title> </Book> <Book> <Title ID = "2"> <Author>Thanks</Author>...
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    VB.NET: Extract numbers from Listbox

    Say I have these dates in the listbox... First Date: 10/2/2004 Second Date: 12/4/2004 but how to extract the "2" from the first date into the textbox.. Since i need to display all the dates and from there the user will choose from any of the dates.. lastly, the choosen day, month and year...
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