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    Dynamically Generating a Data-Bound Form from SQL View

    So I have a Windows application form and on that form I'm trying to loop through the columns collection of a DataTable that I populated with data, and for each column, I want to create a label and text box. So below is what I came up with but it only outputs rows and not columns. How do I get...
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    How to auto-update field w/ dropdown selection

    So I have a dropdown box that I have filled with two values: AFD, CFD. All I'm trying to do is to get a text box (txtComp) to change its value to that of a dropdown list box (cmbCompany) selection. For some reason I cannot get the text box to reflect this data. I can't even get the text box...
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    show single result from query

    Ok the below code seems ok to me but is not showing the right result. I have a text box called "txtTranNo" where the user will enter in a number. This number will then be used as a parameter for the sql statement that I have created and called "SQLStatement." When I run this query against the...
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    execute stored procedure with one inputted parameter.

    I have a field where the user inputs a certain number. Then the user will click the button below the field to take the inputted number as a parameter and execute a stored procedure that uses the parameter as an input value. I already have the stored procedure working fine through SQL Server. I...
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