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    Formatting 2 decimal places?

    At the end of a calculation Pweight stores a number, I need to format this number so that it only shows to 2 decimal places.. I have tried this: If cmbSub.SelectedItem = "NAC(N - acetlycsteine)" Then While i > 0 'Calculate current weight - %...
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    Calculation issue

    I have a drop down combobox, the user selects (for example) "Feet to Metres", the user enters an amount in feet into a text box and then upon clicking the convert button will calculate the conversion. This calculation works fine if I entered in "6ft" or "5ft" but not if I enter in 6.2 (ie 6'2")...
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    Combobox question

    I have a combobox 'cmbImp' which contains 5 values: Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 What would the command be so that I can write: If cmbImp.UserSelects("Number 1") Then do etc End If
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    If CheckBox = True Then.. xyz

    I'm reading in a RTF file that I want to search by either using WholeWord or MatchCase search options. atm I have this: If (chkWhole.Checked = False) And (chkMatch.Checked = False) Then 'ERROR - MUST SELECT A SEARCH OPTION MessageBox.Show("Select a search method"...
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    Question Change a picture when mouse hovers a button?

    Can you explain any further that doesn't help me much?
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    Question Change a picture when mouse hovers a button?

    I would like to be able to change a picture (pic1) when a button (btn1) is hovered over, how do I do this? I cannot find anything so far on the internet.. apologies I am new to programming!
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    Database viewer for PDA?

    Hi all, first off nice 2 be on the forums (1st post) I'm currently a student studying IT Consultancy / Networking, and a free-lance web designer / IT Consultant. I have coded Pascal/Delphi before, and alittle Visual Basic for personal use, nothing more, small printing programs e.t.c, i...
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