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    Encrypting a text file before email

    Hey Boys 'n Girls... I have developed a application that captures data into a csv file from the client and then transmits at the end of the month to my MS-CRM queue. All works perfectly, but due to the nature of the data, i need to encrypt the entire csv file. I need to "When the user saves"...
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    Application not seeing Database after setup.msi created

    Hi Guys, I know this is problably a stupid question, but i just don't know anymore!!! I have created a Windows Application with .Net and used a Access Database to save the information that the users have typed in. The connection was created via the server tools and is...
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    Call email Client from VB.NET Windows Application

    Hi Guys, How would i call and email from windows forms and attach a document to send to a specified address??? I can't find anything in the help file. Jefferson
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    Exporting from Microsoft Access to Excel or .csv

    Hi, I have no idea how to start this or what code would be required, seeing as i lost my VB.NET manual. Basically, I have an application that reads in data from Textbox's, Combo's and datetimepickers from users and adds this to a Access Database. I need to export the information from the...
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    Combobox Item Collection - working with a selection change

    Hi, I am trying to disable textbox's on the change of the items in a combobox, I have tried using the combobox_selectionchangecommited() combobox_selectedvaluechanged() combobox_selectedIndexChanged() and finally with the code attached Private Sub cboBoxEmploymentStatus_Click If...
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    Convert a 13 Character string to a Integer for access DB

    Hi, I have created an application that reads information typed by a user in a textbox into a Dataset then updates this to a Access Database. I use this Textbox to capture the values of the Field in the Database of which the DB field is a Text field, but when executing the Line *** drw1("ID") =...
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    Getting data from Textbox's withing a Tabcontrol

    Hi, I am a little new to, and am having some problems, If someone would be gracious enough to help out, i would truely appreciate it. I have a TabControl with three tabs on it, each tab contains about 10 Textbox's that capture data from the User. The idea is to get the data from the...
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    Connecting to SQL Server with VB.NET

    Hello again, I am trying to connect to SQL Server with VB.NET to make ajustments to the Microsoft CRM. I have VB.NET 2003 standard edition on an XP box. Each time i try this, VB.NET kicks out the following error... "Unable to connect to the Database It is only possible to connect to SQL...
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    Already member of debuggers group, but cant debug

    Hi Guys, I am having major problems debugging my asp project in VB.NET, funny thing is that i created it there as well. Every time i start the debugger, it runs for a second or two then throws out the following message "Unable to start debugger on the server" + "Verify that you are a member of...
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