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    How do I do copy and paste

    Hello gentlemen, I have a child form which displays a paragraph. I will have a "Copy" button on the child form so that when I select a string in the paragraph with the mouse and click on the copy button; it will copy my selected string to the windows clipboard. After that, I want to paste that...
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    How do we set field focus

    Hi all, I have a combobox and I would like to set input focus to it in form load. However, according to VB, in order for a control to receive input focus, the control must have a handle assigned to it, and the Visible and Enabled properties must both be set to true. All I need is to have a...
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    How do we access form controls from a module file ?

    Hi, Someone please tell me how to access a window form from inside a module file ? I tried "inherits mywindowform" and also "imports mywindowsform" but none works. In VB6, all I had to do was using the name of the form and that was it. VB.Net is driving me nuts. Please advise, dominico
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    What is the best way to display directory folders on a window form?

    For instance, I have a mapped network drive pointing to directory "A" on the server. Under directory "A", there are 5 different directory folders starting from "B1" to "B5". Under each of these "B" folders, there is a directory folder called "C". What I need to ascomplish is to be able to...
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    How do we close a modeless form in ?

    I need help with closing a modeless form. When I use form.close(), nothing happens. I can open it but cannot close it or hide it or focus it. I also need to know how to check if it is under "Show" state or not. Please advise me on how to do it. Below are my code: PrivateSub...
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    Website security. Please help

    Please let me know if I need to use "cookies" in order to keep unauthorized users from entering my website without loggin in first. After doing a few hours of research, below is what I added to my Web.config. However, when I cut and paste into the browser the addy of one of my website asp...
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    Webform inheritance

    Could someone please tell me how we can inherit a webform so that we can use its procedures ? I did "Inherits form2" under the class of my mainform but it didn't take it when I do "call form2.doit(value)" function. I also tried "Imports mywebsite.form2" but it didn't work either. Advise...
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    Please show me where to place public variables in my web application

    I need help with making variables public so they can be seen everywhere in my web application. Below are my three database connection variables: Dim oConn AsNew OleDbConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("dsn")) Dim oCmd As OleDbCommand Dim oDR As OleDbDataReader How and Where...
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    Anyone know how we can cycle through the controls on a form starting left to right ?

    RESOLVED. Thanks to "jmcilhinney" Please help me how to cycle through the controls below starting from left to right and then continue to the next row until the end of the form. The problem is that the controls are not focused in the order from left to right. It starts anywhere on the form. I...
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    Where is the info. on "Data formatting expression" ???

    Could someone help me please ? I am using a datagrid on my webform. However, I have a problem with filling out the "Data formatting expression" field on the datagrid properties Columns panel(click the "Columns collection" in the datagrid properties window.) I went to MSDN for help but got no...
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    OleDbConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings( "dsn")) problem

    Hello all, could anyone tell me how to make the below statement work please. Dim objConn AsNew OleDbConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("dsn")) When I run my webform, all I get is a blank page. I run the debug find out that the statement above is the cause of the problem. MSDN...
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    Dropdownlistbox runtime selection

    I have this dropdownlistbox control on my webform which has a dozen of items binding to it. After I do an update on a selected item, I reset the list and the problem is that the item that was updated is no longer being selected or highlighted. How do I make the list programatically go back...
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