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    How to get API's used in WSDL with input and output paramaters

    Hi, I am facing a typical problem, I have a web service with several user defined methods implemented in it. Now I want to list all the method names from the WSDL along with the input and output parameters used in the functions, I don't know how to do it, can anybody help me?:(
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    how to zip a folder

    I have a master folder named folder. within this folder I have several other folders. Now I want to zip the master folder. Is it possible to zip a folder in Can anybody provide me a sample code?:(
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    how to get used styles in word document

    Hi, I want to get all the styles used in a word document. For this I have used activedocument.styles(i).InUse property. But instead of that I am getting some styles that are not used in any text of the document. this style names are extra. Is there any way such that I can get the style names...
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    How to change color of an individual item in checkedlistbox

    I am working on visual studio 2005. I have put a checkedlistbox on a windows form (in and adding items in the checkedlistbox from database. Is there any way I can set the color of some of the items in the checkedlistbox red and others black based on some condition? If there is any way...
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