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    Printing TextBox - Difference in spaces and tabs

    Nice day to all, does anybody know how to solve my problem ? I try to print the TextBox control using my printiclass which includes this code. Everything seemed to be Ok until I have found there is an difference in gaps shown in textbox and finally seen in print preview...
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    Open the file on another disk or PC. IIS, ASP

    Hello, please could anybody advise ? I had my local application that saves its files created as pdf into the folder on server. Now I have to make the webbased application that allows some people to view this files through the explorer. I match the problem how to solve this if I do not wish...
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    Space Length in TextBox

    Hello, does anybody know if it is possible to make the space length of TAB in textbox shorter ? The problem I have that the default is maybe twice longer then the one you have by pressing tab in WinWord. Is it possible to solve this somehow ? Thank you for any info.. .
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    Print Form - Non Visible Area

    Hello, please help. how should I do if I want to print the winform ? I have found plenty of solutions usualy using PrintScreen method but this does not solve the problem if the form is bigger then the screen. Thanks for any comment :D
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    Printing Form

    Hello all, I face the problem of printing the form. I have found lots of solutions that print the visible area of form but does anybody know how to print the form if it has some scrollable / not visible area ? tx for any responses
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    Image in DataGridView

    Good day to all, could you please help ? I am a very noob to DataGridView and can not solve the problem of displaying the image in it. I fill the grid from datatable and based on values in column("File") I want to decide which picture will be displayed in programmatically added...
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