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    Pop up window in

    Hello, I need a simple window to pop-up when an asp button is clicked can someone help? TedManowar
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    floating point value

    Hi, I am having a quite silly problem I think.... I am reading floating point values from an XML file and when I read a value like 69.00 when converting it to double or integer i get back 6900 !!!! can someone help! I cannot believe this is happening.. TedManowar Actually, I think I know...
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    ASPX Back Button

    Hi, I am looking for a way to navigate back on a webpage when an ASP button is clicked. I know how to do it in javascript, but i need and <asp:button> and not an <input type="button"> to do that for me. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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    Write data to Excel

    Hello, I need to export data to excel, from a Dataset or DataGrid. I know how to import but not how to export. Can anyone help me??? TedManowar
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