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    Mysql Notification service??

    Hi all, I've a quick question for you, I want to write an application which will monitor my mysql db and detect any changes to it, such as a new table has been created or an update was preformed on table x. Would anyone happen to know a way to do this? Thanks in advance Phil
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    Displaying a list of Databases in a combo box

    Hi all, Just a quick question for ya all, Is there a way that i can List all Databases on a Mysql server within a combo box? Basically I want to build an application which will allow the user to select which database he/she wants to connect to. Any help at all would be great :) Thanks in advance,
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    Question about Objects

    Hey Guys I'm pretty much new to and was hopeing that you may be able to help me. Im currently trying to simulate Multiplexing and De-multiplexing in Basicall What im doing is reading in 80 bytes from a file to a byte array until the end of File is returned, Once 80 bytes has been...
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    .Net RMI Equivalent (Remote Method Invocation)

    Hi all, I'm hoping you maybe able to help me with this. I'm looking for a RMI equivalent for Any help would be great thanks Phil
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