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    store mp3 files into sql server table

    hi, i need to store mp3 file into sql server table.any url or sample is of great help to me .As the application runs at client and files and mp3 files are created at client i need to either transfer these files to server system or store these files into i need sample to store the...
  2. K recording voice

    hello, i am using microsoft.directx.dll for playing the mp3 it possible to record sound using this direct me to any url or sample code to capture sound using for windows application thanks in advance karuna
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    form disappears when thread is put to sleep mode

    hello , i have list of mp3 files to be played.i need to stop the loop till the first mp3 file plays. when i give thread.sleep(say for 1 min) my form which is displaying image disappears. how can i solve this. thanks in advance karuna
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    stop loop execution for given period

    hi, In my do while loop for ex: i have 10 records.for few records wavfilepath exist and for few its null.i need to stop execution of loop till wav file is played and read the next record if the filepath exist say for length of file 1.42 minutes .How can i go about presently i am...
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    error while clearing combobox

    hi, when i give cmbemp.items.clear() following is the error that i get. "cannot modify item collection when datasource property is set.How can i overcome this problem i am using datareader to fetch values from sqlserver and filling the combobox. thanks in advance karuna
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    clear combo

    when i try to clear combo box giving cboemp.items.clear i get error "cannot modify the items collection when datasource property is set" how can i handle this Thanks in advance karuna
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    fill combobox

    hi, I am working with windowsapplication, using datareader object for select can i assign displaymember and value member of combobox of datareader items. say i have id,desc in table. strsql = "Select skillid,skilldesc from skillmaster" mycommand = New SqlCommand(strsql, Conn)...
  8. K sqlserver dataadapter

    hi all, A bit of problem which i am not able to resolv.please help.I am using dataAdapter.Update(ds, "tablename") to update table.object reference set to instance of object is error .following is sample code sending. 'on form load Dim dataAdapter As New SqlDataAdapter(cmdString, conn)...
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    countdown timer

    hi , need to display countdown timer i.e for given (hr:mi:ss) as parameter.This is to show left out time. Thanks in advance karuna
  10. K sample application

    hi, i am new bie to .net technologies,but having experience in working with vb projects.kindly any one of u please send me sample windows application project connecting to either Ms Access or Sql Server.This would be of great help to me. Thanks in advance karuna
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