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    combobox hades!

    I'm sure I'm making this more difficult than it is but I'm stumped. I want to populate a combobox with two items from a database table. The table has a name and an associated id. I want to display the name in the combobox dropdown and then use the associated id in the code. I've tried everyway I...
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    Old DLL access from .Net

    I have a vendor provided dll that I need to use in a appliction. I have had no succes in gaining access to the dll. When I try to add a reference to it I get this message: A reference to c:\program files\xxxxx.dll could not be added. Please make sure the file is accessible and that it is...
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    Network programming

    I need to write a small application that will send a request to a https web server and receive a XML string back. The request will look roughly like this: The string that it gets back will be XML. It...
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    Adding Command Parameters

    I'm trying to learn how to use command parameters to do my SQL commands and seemed to have hit an impasse. I created the following code: cmd.CommandText = "Insert into PINS (PIN, ControlNumber, BatchID, Consumed) values (@PIN, @Control, @ID, @Consumed)" cmd.Parameters.Add("@PIN"...
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    Early binding problem

    I'm a relatively new programmer so I hope there is not an obvious answer to my problem that I am missing. I created an Arraylist that contains instances of a structure. I want to use one data item from an instance of the structure to call a function. The return value from the function...
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