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    Fileupload at Window Forms as

    i want to do a fileupload function as in fileuplaod tools, when select the file/picture their location path will show at textbox and also display the picture.pls helpthanks
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    Store all action in a "Event" table

    i want to store all the action eg: add new,edit,delete the data into the "event" table.because every table have it different columns,but i want to event table to store all the details of difference table's columns in one event table.can anyone help me to how to start this?thanks
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    Templates color for forms

    i want to do templates to change the form's background i choose white color then all the form's background color is white and the font will be black color. i know the web application can do it, but i don't know how to start if for the window form. can anyone help me how to start...
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    Duplicate form's controls to Other form

    i have a form called frmNew, after i choose the "cmdOK" button i want a duplicate form exactly same as frmNew by programatically, i have success to create a duplicate form programatically as : Dim frmDuplicate As New Form frmDuplicate.Show() frmDuplicate.Size =...
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    create the text file programatically

    hai, i have face a problem that i need to store multiple address in a table but will only save into it if the new account success add in. i was thinking to create new and save it in the text file which is in same directory as the application was. if the account successfully added then we only...
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    new Outlook Email

    can anyone help me on the Email function. if i want to prompt out the send e-mail forms from Outlook once user click on the button,how can i do it?i have add "Microsoft Outlook" to References, i only want the e-mail form from outlook prompt out. Thanks
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