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    how can ideal with the submit button

    Hi, I need some idea how to do it. well here it is my situation. I have a SQL 2005 Database, 2008 , and i have a user table with a Unique UserID for each User. And all the fields are filled, but only one will remain (carID) that will be filled later. Now I would like to fill the...
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    FTP Upload

    Hi,i would like code that will help me to upload a file to an ftp site using the server it's not always the same it's the user who will choose. tanks
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    Database Search

    actualy the databse is in there i just want the search box to search on the databse... lol
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    Database Search

    well i want to make a search box that will search from the data from the database. i try it so many time but i wasn't able to do it can someone help me. i attached my project please make the code there then upload me tanks Databse = msft acces Project = visual basic 2005 please i have a...
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