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    Please Help! Crystal Reports 10

    hi i have a app that uses CR 10, the app is working fine except that every time i close my application the .ldb of the msaccess database does not disappear. please correct me if im wrong, i believe that the database was not closed. unfortunately i couldnt find out why. i have all the...
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    VB.NET App stays in Windows Task Manager Processes After Clicking the Close Button

    hi, i am having a weird problem with my VB.NET Application. I installed it in my target pc, when i close the program by clicking the "X" button the program closes but when i check Windows Task Manager under the Processes Tab the program is still there and the Database File still have the .LDB...
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    VB.NET App using MS Access Problem

    hi to all, my app uses MS Access 2003 it is working fine when i installed it on a PC with XP and Office 2003 however i encountered a problem in my application when i installed it in a pc that only has windows 2000. when i run my application is gives an error that says "Cannot Find Database...
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