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    Rename Function tripping

    Hi, I am using the Rename function to rename and move files around, but it seems to be very inconsistant. On the same set of files (just simple tiff files) I run the function and every so often it chokes with the following error message: Procedure call or argument is not valid. However...
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    TIFF preview

    I would like to include a preview window for TIFF images in my app. If all possible I would like to zoom in on certain details so I can read some infromation off of the image. Does anybody know any way to do this? Thanx
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    datagrid problem

    somehow my datagrid is doubling up on the scrollbars and I don't know why. any help will be greatly appreciated
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    total gdi+ newbie

    How to draw Sine Curve I would like to know how to draw a sine curve. can anybody help? thanks
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    Problems with opening excel 2000

    I use the following code to update an excel sheet: Dim MyCommand As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter Dim MyConnection As OleDb.OleDbConnection Dim DSExcel As DataSet Dim xlApp As Excel.Application Dim xlBook As Excel.Workbook Dim xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet If File.Exists("C:\temp.xls") Then...
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    Excel update using oleDB

    Hi, I am struggling with this and need some help. Can anybody show me an example of how to insert a row into an excel sheet using oledb adapter? Everything I have tried sofar has failed. Thanx
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    DataSets and Excel

    I am trying to update an excel sheet with the code below but I am not seing any results or any error messages. WHat am I doing wrong? I have tried to go the simple route and use the Update method, but the InsertCommand syntax was not quite right. As you can see the sheet name is "log" but in the...
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    Connecting to Visual Fox Pro 6.0

    Hi, I am trying to write an app that will manipulate data contained in a VFP database table. However I have no idea how to establish the connection. Any help will be appreciated Thanx
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