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    Connect to Oracle Hyperion's LDAP

    Hi all, for the past 3 days i have been trying to connect to Oracle Hyperion's LDAP but untill today what i get is error message (Invalid DN syntax). I've tried to connect to Oracle Hyperion LDAP using free sofware "LDAP Browser" it succeed, but i failed using .NET (although i'm using the same...
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    Drag N Drop

    hi -- does anybody has suggestion where should i start (looking for article, simple apps.. etc), if i want to create something drag N drop "like" in visio. thx.
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    Assembly not found

    an error state that the system can't found the error above, how can i resollve this? situation : i moved the application from my pc to another one, and i get this error and i have installed .net framwork 3.5 Thanks.
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    FileUpload Control

    i have a fileUpload control and a button the idea is to check whether there is a file in the fileupload control or not if i browse for a file (any file) and click the button the code below would execute normally, but if i enter a random string such as "asfdasfas" or "23432" the code below...
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    database is read-only.

    Failed to update database ...... because the database is read-only. This error shows up after i moved my website folder to the new one form d:\website1 to e:\folder1\ i have checked the write option at the website properties, but it won't solve the problem. how to change the database to...
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    Class diagram Vs ERD

    I wonder what is the difference between Class diagram and ERD (Entity relationship diagram). According to me, the difference is, the purpose of each diagram. Class diagram : to show relations between objects in OOSE ERD : to show relations between table and i made a speculation...
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    Using the hyperlink control i can set the type, whether it should _Self, _blank, etc. can i do the same with linkbutton or button control? thx
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    Retrieve Image from database problem

    I have an image = "WaterLilies.jpg", i tried to save this image to database (MS SQL), and the code which i use to convert and save to database, Dim fs As New FileStream("waterlilies.jpg", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.ReadWrite) Dim arrByte(fs.Length) As Byte fs.Read(arrByte, 0, fs.Length)...
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    MDI + ImageBox

    I have a Mdi parent form, then i add an imagebox set the dock=fill and fills in an image, now the problem is, when i add a new mdi form on the parent form, i can't see my form later i found out that the child form was behind the imagebox, so how to make a child form appears on (above)...
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    Transparent control

    Does anybody know how to make control transparant like this in thx
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    Datagridview autoscroll

    how to make the datagridview scroll automatically to show the last item added? (i design my datagridview only to display 3 items, when i added the forth, i can't see it, so how to make the control to scroll down automatically so that i can see the forth one.) Thx.
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    Database back UP

    I have a form and a button on it. when i click the button itl will back-up my database. does anybody know how to do it? thx.
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    does anyone know how can i encounter this error and why i got it!? "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated" thx
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    Adding custom prerequisites

    if we install the SQL server 2005 Express edition, then in the prerequisites dialog box there would be a SQL Server 2005 express edition installer, which will be used when we wanna deploy our application. What i wanna ask is, when i install the MSDE (release A) instead of SQL server 2005...
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    MSDE's "CTP"

    We would use SQL Server Management Studio Express CTP to create, insert, update, delete, define relationship between table in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. When i install the MSDE it just install the server instance just like the sql 2005 express edition. And, The questions is what would we...
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    SQL againts Dataset

    Can i use sql syntax againts dataset1, to get some results and then save (add) them to dataset2? (suppose i have fill the dataset1 with records, on form load events) thx!.
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    Moving Cursor inside textbox

    I have 1 textbox and 1 button. if i click the button : textbox1.text="Test" textbox1.focus() then in the textbox will shows up the "Test" string and the string will highlighted, if i type something (ex. a) -> the value will become "a". Nah, what i want is after setting the textbox1.text the...
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    Unknown Publisher..

    Does anybody know how to fix this dialog box problem? It says because the unknown publisher, where can i set the publisher name?
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    Adding custom Prerequisites

    How to add, our custom made program,to be included in the application prerequistic? ( actually the program that i want to add, its work is creating database , table and constraint for sql server 2005 express for the application, and it works only one time.That is at the installation phase) or...
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    My application is using MySQL as it's database. How to deploy the application to the "clean" target machine (have no .Net 2.0 framework and MySQL installed) ? I can include the .Net 2.0 framework in the installation package, but how to include the MySQL database? thx.
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