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    Resolved How to Search and find control with the .tag (over all forms in project), show control flashing on related form.

    Is this possible at runtime? People ask me why you want to search in forms which aren't opened. Simple... Each control, in my case 'buttons' are pointing out a detail of some kind. The detail is written in every button tag. I want to be able to write the detail i'm looking for in a textbox...
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    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    Hi everyone, I face some issues on how i'm about to change a button.text and *.tag info. I have over 5000 buttons(in total) on over 100 forms. I created a Treeview on a form which i can enter only, that shows all my forms with buttons & tag names. For example: a textbox has the name of the...
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    Answered *.gif image in picturebox "freezes" when searching for file on server.

    Hey People, New question. I have a verification screen where all the buttons pressed-information is stored in text-boxes. Once pressed the "save to database" button, he's looking up on a server in a folder if a particular excel file with current year and week-number exist. 2 options: The file...
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    Answered Get button name into textbox when clicked

    It seems that my code doesn't seem to work very much. (The code to get the tag data from buttons into a textbox), nothing really happens when I press a button... Here's the code I use in a class module: Public Class clsbuttons Public WithEvents Btn As Button Private Sub...
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    Resolved Where do I start (3D image selection faulttracking program)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to VB.NET and come straight forward with 1 particular question. I have created a program within excel, which allows users to select particular joinings on images, which are labeled by a button. To explain a joiningtype this could be an for example an arcweld. Once a...
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